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    Who do I need to petition to move Kansas City closer to nashville? #longcarrides
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    • Oh my love for yellow shoes

      Oh my love for yellow shoes… Written: 5/25/14 This is my very last week of sophomore year and I’m beyond excited for summer to finally come. I’m enduring finals weeks not by studying but by avidly searching online for new yellow shoes. I should be getting ready for Chemistry or AP European history (since I’m one of those crazy AP kids) but clearly my love for shoes is more important. It is proving to be much harder than I would have thought to find another pair of yellow shoes, so let me know if you spot any . Yellow Shoes will be the first single off my new record and I’ll be filming the music video in Kansas City next week! This will be my first ever music video so I’m not really sure what to expect but I’m thrilled to have the opportunity. If you’re looking for a happy… Read More
    • Check that off my Bucket List! The Bluebird Café – Nashville, TN

      A couple weeks ago, on April 16 I had the incredible opportunity to play the Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN. I have been going to the Bluebird since I was 11 and I’d always fantasized about what it would be like to play there.  I remember the first time I went there and I was probably the youngest one there by 10 years.  I listened quietly, riveted by the songwriters in front of me.  Bluebird is a tiny little venue and it only holds about 80 people, but it’s a true listening room so the audience is super attentive.  They shush you if you talk and they are serious about it!  I love the history that Bluebird has. It’s a place where you get to meet the songwriter behind the song.  You probably wouldn’t even recognize them and may not know their names and then they play a super famous… Read More
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