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    • From Flat Tire to the Final Out! Go Royals!

      If you haven’t heard, our Kansas City Royals are pretty much AMAZING! Our whole city is on fire with excitement after a 29 year drought from postseason baseball. I’m not a huge sports fan, in fact, I know almost nothing about sports but even I know that this is a big deal. I have been watching the games and screaming and cheering at the tv along with my family – my parents get all dressed in their Royals gear to sit in our hearth room and watch the games! It’s all very exciting, but it actually gets even better…I had the honor of singing God Bless America at the final playoff game where the Royals swept the Orioles and won the pennant and made it to the World Series! We had a bit of an adventure of our own that day too. I left school early on Wednesday and headed… Read More
    • Ingrid Michaelson – A Dream Come True!

      You know how we all have that one person who we are inspired by or look up to? The one famous person that is who you would name when someone asks you “if you could meet/have lunch with/work with one person who would that be?”. Well for me that is Ingrid Michaelson – I own all her records, have listened to her songs a million times, have studied her songwriting and have been following her career since I was 11 years old. She’s my “one” person – my all-time favorite artist and I got to open for her at her concert in Kansas City last Monday!!! How crazy is that? It was the most thrilling, exciting, nerve wracking and tiny bit embarrassing day for me – here is the scoop on how it went down! I woke up to the grossest weather that morning – like 40 ° and raining,… Read More
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