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    • April 2016 Update

      Hello friend, How crazy is it that it's already April? I can't believe I'll be graduating high school in one short month! Anyway, 2016 has been a whirlwind thus far and I wanted to update YOU. -gracie 1. YIPPEE for the KC Star article about ME 2. BEAUTIFUL video about my trip to Colombia 3. PROM, PROM, PROM The Kansas City... Read More
    • Sweetheart 2016

      Hello friend, It’s been a while. I wanted to write and recap my Sweetheart Dance. Since it’s my senior year, I’m trying to enjoy all the “lasts” and this was my very last Sweetheart. I had so much fun and I went with my red head friend (you might recognize him from my What If I Like You Too music video –yes it’s the same guy!). Lots and lots of people asked about my dress, my hair... Read More
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